Because You Loved Me
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*7th June 2001*
Geez I'm bored outta my wits and I dont feel like writing the story, I'm working on another story right now and its gonna be more fun than serious. But I dont know whether I should open a website because of it. I mean, with closing and all, I won't have much traffic. How can this be the time for new site?

I tried Backstreet Fan Fiction Yellow Pages but my link is not up yet. Um guys? I've this really tiny favour. If you have a webbie and you think my site is a teeny bitty decent could you please put my link up? Pretty please? You can inform me if you want and I'll put your link up here too. If you think otherwise, than its ok. I have no part of Chapter 9 at all cause inspiration and ENCOURAGEMENT won't come. I have more inspiration for the other one. You know what I mean? I decided I'm gonna sign more gbooks. Make more pples day so I get a good day too. Feeling pretty good even though no email from anybody. :(

That's it folks, hope you guys like the new water pic.

*13th June 2001*

That's it guys. I think I'm gonna close down the site. I think I'm the only author who has no confidence in her story and dares to put it up on the ugliest kind of layout ever. Sheesh, I wasn't wrong when I said this sucks. I know everybody's giving up, they now realise it was a wrong choice to ever support me or even give me a tad bit enouragement. The dumbest thing I did was to go and entry myself for the award. But I want to see. I want to see if my site is really that bad. I'll wait. And see what I get.

My first award . . . YAY!

Cookies and Cream - my first sista

Guestbook....drop me a line

Vote for me . . . if you think I deseve it

Waters . . .Ahh calm....

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